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We went back to the local high school we previously visited to interview girls that were involved in STEM activities. We asked them about their after school activities, teaching/tutoring experience, jobs, what they did for fun, and would they be interested in working for our company as “Mary Kay” representatives. We told them that working for our company would involve hosting birthday parties, after school activities, and summer camps. We spoke to five girls in total. All the girls were really excited about our idea and all said that they would love to work for us.

Key Learnings:

  • High schoolers are really busy. A job that would let them work flexible, and not too many, hours,  really appealed to the girls.
  • Some of them already work at summer camps. 
  • The science summer camps in the area are always looking for more educational content. We should consider selling our product/learning modules/experience to them. 
  • Some school groups try to do outreach to local elementary schools,by volunteering, and have a hard time organizing the activities. We could consider partnering with these groups.
  • One of the girls already hosted an impromptu birthday part for a friend’s sibling. Therefore, this is a pretty good idea for high school girls.

The second shipment of purchased kits is out for delivery today.

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And we’ve filmed our demo video. Posting soon to website.