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SF Children’s Creativity Museum 2/25

Posted on: February 28, 2012

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On Saturday, we hosted an open session in the Children’s Creativity Museum’s (CCM) innovation lab for two hours. Parents and kids were free to wander in and out. A few of the parents mentioned they had seen us announced through the CCM’s mailing list or website. Others were just at the museum for the day.

We used the session to talk to parents and gain insights into revenue hypotheses and presentation of our website.

They hypotheses were as follows

  1. Parents are interested in 1 time purchase and paying subscription for additional content.
  2. Good, better, and best product offerings increase sales.

After interviewing 12 parents, which included asking direct questions and letting them interact with the website, we came to the following conclusions:

  1. Parents want subscriptions! Take the work out of it for them.
  2. Inconclusive

Additional notes:

Opportunity for partnership with the museum store. We can train teens to host these events in the future, driving parents to the museum store to purchase our products.


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