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Office Hours at the K and S Ranch – Part 1

Posted on: February 21, 2012

First, we wanted to thank Steve Blank for generously welcoming us into his ranch and meeting us on a Thursday.

He opened our eyes and CHALLENGED US on what we were doing. As a result of the hike [that he led] around the estate, we’re now more equipped to take on the road less traveled.

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  1. Start-ups do 2 things in general:  (1) Solve a problem, and (2) Solve a wired mental need.
  2. Take on this journey and DISCOVER: We picked a hard “STEM for Girls” problem to solve so we have to make sure to test multiple series of hypothesis and do enough discovery.
  3. Cake Mixes: You throw in an egg and people feel like they’re doing something
  4. Girl Scouts of America: There are lots to learn from an organization of 100+ years that got it right with little girls
  5. Basic Human Wiring: People intrinsically need to figure out how they are doing, and for parents: how are their kids doing relative to a grade level
  6. STEM parents vs Middle America parents: These 2 market segments behave very differently and therefore needs to be served differently


  1. VISION: Colorwheels needs to understand the vision that will tie all of this together
  2. NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK: Our team needs to filter the noise and uncover the signals we’re receiving from parents about what they want and need
  3. PRODUCT FAMILY: We need to offer products with varying Difficulty Rating Scales (from Level 1 to 20) to encompass different aptitudes and starting points
  4. PLATFORM TO DISCOVER AND CONNECT: We can create value-add aside from our product by hosting an opt-in service for our customers and users to find local Colorwheelers that they share interests with (STEM, parenting, etc)
  5. MARKET BROADENING: We need to come up with a strategy to target our different segments (STEM parent, Bay Area parents, Wealthy, Educated, Middle America, etc)

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