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Saturday 2/18 at the SF Children’s Creativity Museum

Posted on: February 20, 2012

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We had an exciting day at the SF Children’s Creativity Museum (CCM) on Saturday. We focused on experimenting on the experience. Since we had promised all of the attendees would be able to take home a car, we went into sweatshop mode on Wednesday and then again Saturday morning before the session. At next week’s CCM, we can go even further into the experience.
Basic Set Up:
Session 1: (12-1)
– 4 daughters, 4 parents
– they sit together with pictorial directions – after each milestone, directions inform them they have reached a new level, they need to check in with us to keep going
– we go around and help when needed
– spent half the time decorating
– calm session
Session 2: (1-3 over time by an hour)
– Started with an explanation about how they would all become stars if they finished each section of the car building completely.
– Did the handholding in a circle electricity exercise. They were kinda ehh about it – maybe we should have given them the sashes first.
– We gave them each a sash and explained they would receive badges to stick on it.
– much crazier atmosphere – 8 kids, 6 parents. Not all the parents stayed, but would come in and out of the room.
– We left a couple sets of directions at each table, but were running around from girl to girl helping out
– Energy picks up even more as they progress, start getting badges, start getting the car to work
– They spend a long time on decoration!
Key takeaways:
  1. The experience. I think that us being there and having parents actively engaged makes such a huge difference in the experience. At least for the first experience, where the girls can learn how to do these things in a safe environment, for support when they encounter something completely new and might be confused. Also, they were clearly enjoying the energy of being around other girls. What that means for our business model – at least in the short term, holding classes and events like these. A mom in the first session asked when and where our next event would be. We could get our name out there more, and build up positive experience for these girls.
  2. Girls LOVED that when they finished a certain task, they got to collect a badge. For the first badge some of them didn’t really get why they were getting them (we should have explained better), but seeing the others get a badge, they got excited about it and were lining up to get each new badge. One dad asked us if he could get more badges for his daughter upstairs.
  3. Having the pig out on the table, and letting them play with it before they worked multiplied the decoration time by so much. In previous testing, decoration took maybe 10 minutes tops – in the first session today, they spent a half hour on decoration until they had to leave. In the second session, we went an extra hour over time. Definitely more inspiration for the girls as all but 1 were making animals. They like having some direction to go in, and having a gallery of possible ideas (submitted by other kids too) would really get them thinking. Really exciting range of creations today.
  4. Something as simple as letting them pick between two or three colors for a sash or a badge we got strong opinions from the girls, putting them in control of these little decisions made them feel important.
Interesting notes:
– More diverse audience than previous tests
– People snuck into our session!
– Girl in first session asks to make another one right away
– Daniela had to turn away a few parents.
– 8 parent email list sign ups

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