Colorwheel Toys

He made us wear our MIT and Caltech sweatshirts!

Posted on: February 14, 2012

After numerous takes of Miguel recording us [YUP, he really made us wear our school sweatshirts just for this vid!] Alice and I tried really hard to say those three sentences each (it was surprisingly difficult to memorize three sentences…), we finally got enough footage to put together a video for our website!

We wanted to film a video to get our mission across to parents and see if this would be enough to compel parents to sign up. We also hoped our academic background would lend us some legitimacy to parents. Unfortunately, the only sign ups so far are from parents we had already been in contact with. We are working on generating more parent traffic to our website since, at the moment, it is largely our friends who are not part of the audience we are targeting. We are starting by contacting parent networks and bloggers to see if any of them would be willing to help get our website out to their members/readers.

You can view our video here as well as on the front page of our newly revamped website (still the same URL:!


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