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Parent Interview – Jigna

Posted on: February 14, 2012

We spoke with one of the parents we delivered our first round of kits to in order to gather more data on the parent’s end.

Key Learnings:

  • In terms of deciding on what toys to buy, most of the time she’ll just pick something she feels like her daughter would have fun with, but sometimes will consider what she has heard from other parents. This could be partly due to simply needing to find toys that will occupy her daughter’s time until she can get back from work.
  • Doesn’t have a lot of educational toys since her daughter isn’t super keen on them. However, she does enjoy building structures with these wooden sticks they have that can form different shapes.
  • She likes to play “teacher” and enjoys being the teacher. Confirms our finding that girls seem to like teaching other people and our product could provide an outlet for this.
  • Her daughter spends a lot of time drawing and doing arts/crafts. She goes to art class once a week; it was the only after-school activity they could convince her to do. She also keeps pipecleaners, pom poms, glitter, etc. around the house for her daughter. Exactly what we included in our kit!
  • She fights over the iPad with her older sister (age 11). Seems like kids these days are more technologically advanced so if we can develop a way for them to use the iPad with our product, it might add to the appeal. Perhaps we could integrate the add-ons with the iPad (e.g. other learning topics).
  • The only thing she lets her daughters do online is play games. The games she usually plays includes building a pet hotel, putting together a garden, and airport mania (has to do with takeoff and landing of planes). While these games don’t seem to be ones that she can interact with other girls on, they go along with the nurturing characteristic of girls. Not sure how we can tap into this yet. On the other hand, the older daughter usually goes to this one website that has a bunch of strategy and calculation games. Hence why we aren’t targeting girls past the age of 9 for our starting kit since they begin to move on toward board games and not building things as they get older. We have to catch them at a young age!
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