Colorwheel Toys

Ongoing Quest for the Colorwheel Parent Archetype

Posted on: February 14, 2012

Over the weekend, we were able to talk (and visit) 2 more families [primarily interviewed the husband] and asked them a series of questions of how things are with their family.


  • Learn more about the uniqueness of each family’s parenting style
  • Discover parent purchasing behaviors towards toys and products


  • Understanding who exactly our target customers is crucial for successful demand creation


  • PAREN’T BLOGS? NOPE WE DONT READ THOSE — Understandable. Parents are extremely busy, maybe this would be different for stay-at-home moms?
  • WORKSHOPS > BLOGS — From time to time, schools put together these parenting workshops and seem to be quite effective in drawing the crowd. Perhaps their credibility as a learning institution helps?
  • EARLY INTERVENTION — All of the parents we’ve spoken to value the early exposure of their children to building kits, arts and crafts, sciences, etc.
  • MOMS ARE THE BOSS — This is true for almost 90% of almost 20 families we’ve talked to now. They control the purchases, therefore controlling the entry of our Toy Kit into their homes!

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