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Posted on: February 14, 2012

Just when things are getting hazy or when our team loses momentum, Office Hours always seems to lead us back to the path and re-ignites our senses. That’s exactly what happened again this week at Ann’s Floodgate office.

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Ann Miura-Ko was kind enough to fit us in her busy schedule and agreed to meet us for extra office hours on a Monday. We gave her an update of how things are and discussed some of the problems we were experiencing. After leaving her office, we finally got the “big picture” advice we’ve been seeking these past seven days.


  1. STOP PLAYING IT SAFE: Go to the extreme and really “girlify” your product and see how that turns out!
  2. LACKING BUSINESS MODEL: Not yet solid; You guys need a more complete and compelling vision
  3. NEW CHANNELS: Explore the whole spectrum! Montessori, homeschooling, Gilt Children, Zulily, Parent Networks, Maker Faire, Children’s Libraries, Junior Museums, Zoos and their Gift shops.
  4. ECOSYSTEM: Design a complete experience and create value beyond just your toy
  5. MFG SUPPLIERS: Get to this now; up to the extent of negotiating with them!

Solid advice.


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