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Channels to homeschooling

Posted on: February 14, 2012

We’ve started investigating channels to homeschooling as an opportunity to market our product.

First, some quick facts about homeschooling:

  • Currently, there are approximately 2 million homeschooled kids in the United States (ages 4-18)
  • About 36% of their parents cite religious and moral instruction as the primary reason for homeschooling

From conversations with two members of the local homeschooling community (a parent who heads a meet up group and an organizer of an online community), we have gathered some interesting insights.

  1. To an even greater degree than expected, there is little to no social pressure on these kids. They follow their interests.
  2. There are many meet up groups and classes directed at homeshooled kids to allow for social interaction and free flow of ideas from parents. There are also
  3. Parents can buy materials from certain sites at the same discounted rates as teachers buying for a class of 20. Other sites cater specifically to the homeschooling market.
  4. There is a lot of free curriculum material on the web. The official California Homeschool Network recommends free and paid resources on their site.
  5. Homeschool conventions occur March to August.
Next steps:
Contacting these top local sellers and organizations who put on classes.
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