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Tech Never Looked So Good

Posted on: February 13, 2012

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Thanks to our mentor Nick we were able to attend the “Tech Never Looked so Good” event hosted by the women 2.0 group. It was great to hear Women’s perspectives about working in Tech. The part of the event that was most pertinent to our startup was hearing the panelist’s perspectives on growing up and raising their daughters.  Additionally, the event was a benefit for the Silicon Valley Education Foundation. We were able to talk to their representative and will be working with them to reach out to elementary school teachers. This will enable us to both test our product and test our channel at the same time.

Additionally, we were able to talk to the women who was, as a representative for AT&T, one of the sponsors of the event and the emcee for the evening. We’ll be staying in contact with her to be able to get another perspective on our company.

Key learnings:

  • Females in the panel believed that they are valued a lot by their “Art of Persuasion”
  • Female perspective in Tech is sparse
  • Do you want your daughter end up in Tech as well? “it’s very hard to say where my kids end up, and I don’t want to pigeon hole them”
  • Married couple: “I’d like to blur the gender roles such as who pays the bills or change a flat tire”
  • Daughter: “I’d raise her to be more independent and teach her how to take care of herself”
  • “Blurring the roles — be able to have leadership regardless of your gender”
  • What makes a great leader: block out the noise, make your team shine, you’re underneath supporting them, not ahead of them
  • Entrepreneurs taking advantage the low cost to start a company, and the proliferation of incubators in the valley right now.
  • Education ecosystem – there are a lot of sweet spots to hit
  • Growth of knowledge spreads so quickly here in the silicon valley
  • Don’t let your background stop you from doing something, so many here in Silicon Valley are willing to help
  • “Go attend conferences, go talk to people: you’ll absorb all the knowledge you need”
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