Colorwheel Toys

5 adjectives to describe Colorwheel Toys

Posted on: February 7, 2012

Inspired by Chip Conley [former CEO, current Executive Chairman of Joie de Vivre Hotels] and his  mantra of describing any boutique hotel he has established in 5 simple adjectives, we decided to come up with our own. Chip explained in his talk that most, if not all, decisions made in a hotel: which furniture goes where, color scheme, etc — are all tied to a Hotel’s 5 Adjectives. If a product or service does not match back to any of the 5 adjectives, it is canned.

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So here is ours:

  1. Delightful

  2. Self-expressive

  3. Educational

  4. Creative

  5. (?)

[Stay tuned for our 5th one… We really couldn’t think of that one last word…]


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