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Landing page tests: hitting the streets of Palo Alto

Posted on: February 6, 2012

Approached random parents and grandparents on the streets of downtown Palo Alto. First round: 7 people. Given common feedback from the people we talked to, we’re retreating for a few hours and developing an improved landing page to show to more parents. After that, we will send to bloggers and parent email lists in order to:

  • Test our parent value prop: will people other than the parents we’ve been put in contact with find our parent value proposition intriguing enough to sign up to learn more?


  • Too mysterious! People don’t want to sign up for something they have no idea about. Make it more clear.
  • Put the most important message at the top – direct their eyes to it so it’s the first thing they read and can immediately understand what we are about.
  • Use pictures of girls being creative to give immediate sense of what it’s all about. Text only is not good, increase size of font.
  • Make the age range we are targeting more clear.
  • Don’t say sign up at the top and at the bottom, keep it in one place where they can actually sign up. Keep the message strong and focused.
  • Don’t tell them it will help them keep their daughter busy – emphasize learning aspect.
  • Gift giver only interested in things she knows her granddaughters already like.

Key quotes:

Mom to daughter:

Do you know what this is about?

Daughter to mom:

No, but it sounds good!

And later, grandmother gift giver:

I’ve lived in Palo Alto since 1973 and I’ve never been approached by girls doing a start up.


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