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Debrief with family of testers – “it seems like they were more excited to race them”

Posted on: February 5, 2012

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This morning, we visited one of the families we sent kits to on Thursday night. They have two daughters, A (9 years old) and R (7 years old).

Key Learnings:

Experience learnings:

  • Driving it was most fun
  • Driving wouldn’t have been as fun if the car came fully made
  • Putting together circuit was easy, directions were very clear
  • Incorporate into play – racing against each other, riding their lego people around on the cars
  • Parents want educational stuff up front, print it out and put it at the end of the directions. Online have more resources. About directions, “When it’s done, we’re done”.
  • Different buying styles within the same household, Mom: parent recommendation is the most important, Dad goes on Amazon because reviews are most important
  • They really like making things move, decorating was not as exciting initially.
  • Never made it to the website – we need more of a pull to get the kids there and incentive to keep them there
  • Parents are excited that this brings together their favorite aspects from 3 different toys: Lego racers, snap circuits, and gear kit

Product Learnings:

  • Zip ties are no good – the girls get excited, try something, and then realize they need to change it. With zip ties, there is no going back. We need to use something they can make mistakes with and then change.
  • Need more detailed directions with axles
  • Dad: The big wheels are great because they don’t get caught on things in the house
  • Improvisation- when the zip ties didn’t work they used pipe cleaners to keep the motor in place
  • Rubber band keeps slipping out of place – need a more robust solution
  • Make battery orientation clearer for younger kids – they might not have experience putting batteries into other products

Other notes:

We received email ahead of time that one of the wheels was slightly broken, so we brought our supplies along, ready to make a lot of fixes. As it turned out, it was a quick fix just requiring a dab of hot glue. The experience provided a crucial learning in how robust we must make all of our parts. For the next round of testing, we are using laser cut acrylic to cut down on number of parts on wheels and to make sure there is a better fit with the axle.

The 9 year old was able to do most of the assembly independently. She needed help from her father mounting the motor, which ended up taking them both a half hour to figure out.

As we were leaving, the girls showed us their tire game. They roll a car tire back and forth to each other. Very cute and it shows they like making things move! Miguel wanted to stay and keep playing.


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