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Week 4 Hypotheses and Testing

Posted on: February 3, 2012

This week we are shipping out 12 car kit packages to local girls. Each kit contains parts to make an electric car and decorations for customization.

We are asking the parents to:

  • Take photos/videos of their daughter receiving and opening the package.
  • Fill out a questionnaire so we can evaluate our hypotheses against certain metrics.
  • Meet in person to debrief if possible.

The hypotheses we are testing are listed below:

  • Retention: Girls will continue to play with the car after they build it at least twice in the following week.
  • Retention: Sending a follow up email or package with directions for more activities involving the car will increase retention. (Girls are divided into groups in what they receive)
  • Activation: 3/4 of the girls will email us pictures of their cars to post on the website.
  • Girls 7-9 are excited to receive packages in the mail. Measured by the videos, photos, and information from the parents.
  • Our presence is not necessary to the experience. 3/4 of the girls will say they enjoyed the experience.
  • Sending the package from somewhere exciting (Hawaii) versus Stanford increases excitement.
  • Education: 3/4 of girls go to the circuits link on our website when prompted in the directions and read through.
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