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Mentor Meeting – Nicholas O’Connor

Posted on: February 2, 2012

We met last night with our mentor Nick to talk about what will be doing in the following week. He’s been encouraging us to come up with a user story for our product and it turned out to be incredibly useful when planning our tests for the week. By walking through exactly what the user, both parent and child, will see/experience/do when they get the toy we were able to flesh out exactly what we will put in the kit and what add-ons and web content we will need to make sure that we get the most out of this product test.

We are currently working on testing a semi-finalized version of our kit. The kit will go out to several families and we’ll ask the parents to tell us about how their daughters liked the kit and what could be improved. Additionally, we plan to have some extra content that will be given to the girls once they’ve finished building their cars. This process should help us test both activation and retention.

We’ve had a lot of great ideas about what kind of extra content we should include: everything from LED headlights to teaching the girls about how to calculate velocity. Additionally, we’re thinking that we will have the extra content come in the form of a level that the girl has unlocked once she finishes building the car. Hopefully this will make the toy more exciting and increase retention.

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