Colorwheel Toys

YMCA and Terman Middle School Parents

Posted on: January 30, 2012

PRIMARY GOAL: On our visits to both Middlefield-YMCA  and Terman Middle School, we were trying to figure out parent behaviors and patterns regarding their child’s toys and activities

SECONDARY GOAL: We also wanted to find out if our Landing Page (depicted below) has a strong call-to-action and if it was effective enough for parents to sign-up


  • Every parent’s style is so different
  • Bi-modal distribution on spending – some parents are completely fine on spending $50-100 for a toy, while others would float around the $10-25 range
  • Parents believe that they are 100,000x busier than any student, employee,  you name it.
  • Therefore, it’s all about the convenience and ONE-CLICK purchase for certain people
  • Parents feel they have no time to browse or shop for toys
  • We couldn’t pinpoint a particular kind of toy; girls play with all kinds of toys!
  • Some of the moms actually claimed that LEGOs are for BOYS only


  • Shoot for EXORBITANT margins, this will allow you to be flexible when push comes to shove
  • Getting the right board members or the right TEAM is crucial [something Steve Blank has mentioned himself in his blog]


  • Colorwheels name is interesting
  • Not enough info
  • Please present this info in a more organized manner
  • Picture was misleading. Some thought our product was used online
  • Be more assertive on the language and verbs
  • Need to see the actual product

So, thank you parents…for beating the living crap out of our Landing Page! 🙂

As the saying goes, “Mistakes are your best teachers.”

Looking forward to iterating and improving our landing page for your eyes to see…


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