Colorwheel Toys

Sunday Interview Meeting with Mike and Sadie

Posted on: January 30, 2012

[yep, who needs the back of the napkin when you have huge placemats to write on!]


Get feedback from Mike [founder of Playground Dad] about our (1) product idea and (2) landing page.


  • Mike, as a branding person, immediately was wondering where our LOGO was and found our Colorwheel text to be boring
  • Looked too cheap, too simple – “Come on guys, this like one of those WYSIWYG templates free website kind of thing, you can do better than this” [Oh YES, we agree Mike. We already got a beatdown on our Landing Page the previous night. Perhaps we were taking the word MINIMUM in MVP a little too extreme…]
  • Liked the name Colorwheel
  • He commented on how he relies on comments from Amazon when he buys toys
  • “I don’t wanna feel alone, am I the only one buying this product from you guys? Show more social channels on your website”
  • I refrain from buying those $7.95 toys from Target since they don’t have any longevity at all.
  • “I’d rather pay $40 than $20 if I feel that I’m a getting the PREMIUM aspect out of this Colorwheels product


  • “Under the Christmas tree this year, my daughter had an iPhone, clothes, gift cards…completely different from last year when it was still all toys. I do think you lose them at 10 — they go Ice Skating, watch more TV, I think 7-9 is the spot”
QUOTES FROM SADIE (6-year old daughter):
  • “We like to play in our swing with our magic wands, DAD IS THE BEST at making them!”
  • “We also always ask Daddy to make swords for us, and then we’ll make cars and then make a curly bridge, and then put a star…:)”

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