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Analog and prototype testing: with single child

Posted on: January 30, 2012

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Set up:

  • 6 year old girl, C
  • 1.5 hours of testing on Thursday night


Test our value proposition hypotheses for girls aged 5-9.

Observe the types of toys typical girls in that age range play with at home

Also test:

  • Will a 6 year old be able to put together a circuit independently (Outcome: Yes)
  • Will she find a light up purse (which combines circuits and fashion) appealing? (Outcome: Yes)

Key Learnings and Takeaways:

  • She was very keen on showing us how to do things (making paper airplanes). – Allow the girls to teach
  • Took instruction well in learning how to braid and was soon directing Alice in an efficient system to help her hold the strings while braiding.
  • Loves Disney characters and loves pink.
  • Just received Lego Friends. She builds the setting once, according to the directions and then saves it as a play piece.
  • Keeps the dolls from Lego Friends out to use with other toys. 
  • While playing Nintendo DS, she does tutorials to look at the pictures and animations, completely ignores written instructions.
  • She is fascinated by things that can fly. Instructs us in paper airplane building, then engages excitedly in Snap Circuits flying ufo toy.
  • Gets curious about things when we take them away. Says she does not want to learn how our light up turtle prototype works, but when we start to put it away, she asks, “How did you make it?” and gets us to bring it out again. Suggests we add a remote control and make it fly.
  • Hard enough for her to get paper to line up when folding it in half -> verifies need to make precut pieces, or perforated.

Additional observations:

  • Brings toys to school for show and tell, apparently loses a lot of the small pieces this way.
  • There are lots of little details in lego friends (horse’s water bottle, syringe for animals, etc.) which she describes to us and points out very thoroughly.
  • Has 2 of the bigger boxes of lego friends, her friends don’t yet.
  • Inside her room: SO MUCH PINK and purple and disney princesses.
  • Favorite toys: music globe got from christmas and fairy dolls from an aunt “‘cause of the memories” since she doesn’t see this aunt very often
  • She has a transforming barbie -> normal dress into princess (maybe this appeals since goes along with the princess theme of her room too)
  • “Do you want to make a flying saucer?” “Nahhhhh”. We got her interested later by saying it would fly like her paper airplanes.
  • Friendship bracelet: doesn’t know how to braid. we teach her and she notices pattern for braiding, easier since using different colors (“it’s like a pattern!”),can’t braid own hair since “it isn’t different colors”
  • Making paper airplanes: likes to teach other people how to make them and kept making us do it until we got it right



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