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User Prototype Testing: Disco Dance Party

Posted on: January 28, 2012

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We performed prototype testing of the disco dance party kit with 6 girls on Friday night.

Goals: Test our user value proposition – Girls aged 5-9 want our product

We tested the additional mini hypotheses:

  • Girls can make circuits (Outcome: Yes)
  • Simple pictorial and written directions are all that is needed (Outcome: Better pictures need for operations requiring fine motor skills – tying small knots)
  • Girls work together (Outcome: Yes. Cooperated with directions and tasks, took turns)
  • Retention: girls will play with toy after they make it (Outcome: Undecided, they played right after they made it, and we will check back in a few days to see if they have played more since then)

Subjects: 6 girls aged 5-10


Bring disassembled disco dance party set. Also provide girls with powerpoint presentation of visual and written directions which they could click through at their pace. Only intervene when they are stuck. After the kit was assembled and hanging, we gave them stickers for decoration.


  • They quickly assumed unofficial roles: reading directions, assembling. They also took turns putting pieces together.
  • If the girl in charge of assembling at the time had a question, she would ask the group and someone would explain to her.
  • We had to intervene for one slide in the directions when the picture was not zoomed in enough, and required a small and delicate knot.
  • Parents had to intervene for hanging the toy high enough.
  • Kids turned on music as soon as the disco ball was hanging.
  • They really enjoyed playing with the bendable LED flashlights we gave them to shine on the disco ball.
  • The girls took turns pushing the button to move the disco ball, clearly enjoyed the tactile experience.
  • The girls were dancing, but also returned to eating.

Key Insights:

  • Directions must be very clear and multiple pictures should be used for delicate operations. Videos would have helped for clarity.
  • They were mesmerized by the light.
  • Worked effectively as a group and taught each other.
  • LED flashlights might have been as exciting as the disco ball set up. We could include construction of that component.

Future Questions:

  • What is the retention on a product like this? Will they return to it the same night, the next day, the next week, etc?
  • What is the referral? Do they go home and tell their parents? Do they tell other kids at school?
  • What other toys can we make for entertainment at a sleep over? This could be an addition to the value proposition for the parents. We take the work out of your sleep over…



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