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Interview – Oren Jacob

Posted on: January 24, 2012

I conducted a Skype interview with Oren Jacob to ask him about his experiences in founding his company, Toy Talk, and what he had learned about the toy industry. Because his company is still fairly new it was very interesting to get his perspective on user testing and customer interviews.

Key Insights:

  1. Children play very differently based on the situation. They’ll play differently with/out parents present, with/out older siblings present, and with/out friends present. Additionally, having a mix of age groups will change how children interact with the toy.
  2.  Parents may think something and behave differently. Which is why it is important to ask questions “against each other” to get a much more complete answer to your hypothesis.
  3. We need to carefully study and understand our manufacturing process. Manufacturing oversees will add a huge lag to our product and be very unpredictable, especially at the starting stages.
  4. Additionally, we need to understand our distribution channels. Online is one way but requires a lot of work to drive traffic to your site and will require parents buy a product without ever seeing it. However, big box stores finalize their selections almost a year in advance so that will add a huge logistical challenge into our business. Putting products into small stores to sell will require lots of manpower and needs to be carefully studied to see if it’s worth it.
  5. We need to get into contact with parent bloggers. Getting them to put a short survey on their site and and have it link to our landing page would be enormously helpful both for hypothesis testing and to get visibility for our product.
  6. Additionally, we need to get our product highlighted on various facebook groups and mass parent mailing lists.
  7. If we can get school science teachers to endorse our product that would be a huge boost to our credibility.
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