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Posted on: January 24, 2012

No idea where she was at that time, but Alice and I were both editing a Google Doc that the group is using to prepare for tomorrow’s presentation and I decided to interject with this little exercise from Steve’s ppt on Value Proposition to see if we’re on the same page…

Call it trivial; but sometimes trivial is necessary…

[Note: these are very RAW notes that we just quickly came up with]

Problem Statement: What is the problem?

  • Parents don’t have time/easy access to activities for their daughters to enjoy but also enrich their daughter’s spatial cognition and fine motor skills development
  • Parents are concerned about giving their kids age appropriate activities that will be enriching for development

Technology/Market Insight: Why is the problem hard to solve?

  • Parents have little/no time to browse the web or stores for the appropriate product for their child
  • There are educational products that aren’t necessarily fun/appealing to the kids
  • There are fun products that don’t give much educational value

How big is the problem?

M:[We need to improve our answer on this, we have our Census figures from our ppt last week, but we need to refine that even more, we also can’t just estimate from the interactions we’ve had with parents]
A:[You’re right, here we need some hard statistics. Ask Daniela about her conversation with Sherri shephard – about how girls need to develop spatial cognition, but just a little practice will get them up to speed, Sherri will have a lot of research for us]
M:[Yeah, Bettina probably also has some stuff from the Kindergarten class, perhaps the teacher can give us some of her findings as an experienced instructor]

Competition: What do customers do today?

  • Parents buy everything under the sun and hope some of it sticks
  • Parents actively try to balance out all the frilly girly girl stuff with the less-sassy educational toys and building sets
  • As far as gift givers and probably most parents – they buy what will put a smile on the kids face, pink and girly stuff, the kids are influenced by commercials
  • Otherwise, parents are forced to purchase the EXPENSIVE ($60-150) premium educational products that are indeed effective and fun

Product: How do you do it?

  • We make a series of kits, each with the simple and safe components that kids can assemble (with relative independence?), with supplemental content that encourage exploration and new learnings,
  • We will provide add-on kits and components that allow for greater customization and self expression, creativity

Pending the :thumbs up: approval from the 2 of our other groupmates whom we were in a meeting with just a couple of hours ago, I think it’s safe to say that this Colorwheels team agrees on what we’re trying to do here.


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